Fly Fishing for trout A great passion for fly fishing caused Hugh Meggitt and his family to buy a weekender on the Goulburn River in Alexandra Victoria in 1983. This led to numerous visits to the trout farms in the area and to discussions with Snobs Creek Hatchery about the future for trout farming in Australia and particularly in North East Victoria where most of Australian freshwater trout is grown.

In 1986 the Meggitt family took the plunge and acquired a property on the Goulburn River known as Walnut Island. Hugh and Gay Meggitt departed from the business life in Melbourne, and left their sons Edward and Derrick to complete their university studies and daughter Diana at boarding school to finish her schooling.

It took a good few years to obtain the necessary approvals for the construction of the Walnut Island trout farm. During this period, discussions were held with Alan and Peter Leake who were pioneers of the Australian trout industry and had successfully established the Goulburn River Trout farm which was the largest trout farm in Australia.

The Meggitt family (L-R) - Derrick, Ed, Hugh and Gay

The Leakes were keen to move out of trout farming and as a result the trout farming activities of the Leake’s farm and the Walnut Island farm were brought together into Goulburn River Trout Pty Ltd with the Meggitts moving to 100% control of the company within a few years.

The two trout farms are approximately 6 kilometres apart, on the Goulburn river, approximately 20 kilometres downstream from Lake Eildon.

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