Goulburn River Trout farm was established in the mid 1970’s by the Leake family on what was originally an old dairy farm. By the mid 1980’s the Leakes, who were pioneers of the Australian trout industry, had successfully established the farm as Australia’s largest producer of trout.

In 1986, Hugh Meggitt bought a property on the Goulburn River known as Walnut Island, with the intention of establishing a new trout farm. After joint venture negotiations, the Leake’s farm and Walnut Island were brought together as Goulburn River Trout Pty Ltd with the Meggitts moving to 100% control within a few years.


Ed and Derrick Meggitt

The two trout farms are approximately 6 kilometres apart, on the Goulburn River, 20 kilometres downstream from Lake Eildon. Goulburn River Trout enjoys the significant advantage of having cold water in summer as a result of irrigation releases from Lake Eildon. This has enabled it to supply top quality fresh, frozen and smoked trout throughout the year. The business is still very much a family business, concentrating on quality products, looking after its environmental responsibilities and servicing its many loyal Australian and international customers.

Today the company’s operations are headed up by Derrick Meggitt and Ed Meggitt, who both have over 25 years of experience in the industry.

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