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Oncorhynchus mykiss, better known as Rainbow Trout is the species farmed by Goulburn River Trout. After nearly 50 years of careful selection and the best husbandry techniques, the highest grade of trout is guaranteed. Beautifully coloured, firm textured and succulent, our delicious trout provide a range of health benefits - some of which are listed below.


Grown in the water that cascades from the pristine Victorian Alps, our Rainbow Trout are fed a nutritious diet that is rich in natural vitamins and minerals, provided by Skretting Australia. 


 Goulburn River Trout provides a range of fresh and smoked trout products to both local and export markets.



Rainbow Trout is rich in protein, the basic building block of our bodies. Protein is required for the development and the repairing of tissue. 


Niacin is a crucial vitamin that is abundant in trout. It breaks down over 200 enzymes into energy for our bodies.

Vitamin B12

Our trout contains vitamin B12, which is essential for normal brain and nervous system function. Vitamin B12 also aids oxygen carrying red blood cells and the creation DNA.


The highest natural source of omega-3 is oily fish, such as our trout. This fatty acid is essential to the cardiovascular system and the prevention of heart disease and memory decay.


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